“Not all Computer Services are created equal”

HIPAA Compliance Computer Security Services

HIPAA Compliance Computer Security Services are required for a medical facility or a business that has access to Personal Health Information. You are required by law to follow the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements to protect patient health information.

This law requires very specific computer security measures that only a certified HIPAA compliance company like JME Inc knows and can install for you.


Be careful when you talk to a potential computer company.

“Make sure to ask them to sign a Business Associate Agreement and to see their HIPAA compliance documentation before you let them touch your systems”.

If you don’t you could be liable for information that they mishandle according to HIPAA rules.

The trend in the industry is to provide a basic set of services for a  monthly fee. Most of the time, this means that the service provider bought a set of tools that helps push out security patches and updates on an automated schedule. In our industry we have a about 4 vendors to choose from for these tools and we all have the save capability with them.


“Don’t be feature struck by a vendor discussing how great their tool belt is, ask to see an internal best practice document to see how your network will be transformed.

…contact us to talk about the difference! “


Although automated systems are a must to properly maintain computer systems, they are a very small part of properly managing a computer network. The essential critical pieces can only be provided by an experienced provider like JME that has been managing computer systems for more than 14 years.

“What can I expect from JME Services”

HIPAA Compliance Computer Security Services

You can expect to get problem issues resolved quickly and permanently from a company that understands and know the impact of a non-compliant practice. You will be able to get expert guidance on how to tackle HIPAA requirements and better user technology. You will save hundreds of hours of trying to figure out HIPAA and what it means to you. You will be able to see more patients and know that their information is safe and so are you.

You can expect honesty, integrity and compassion when dealing with us to help solve your HIPAA Compliance and Security problems.

…contact us to talk about how your users can love their pc’s!

JME provides you with complete HIPAA documentation and will be right beside you with any breach investigations you may get dragged into. You will have all the documentation you need to prove that you are adhering to HIPAA rules and rest better at night knowing you are protecting your patient data properly. Your life will actually be easier knowing that tech issues are addressed in a timely manner and that the changes made to your systems will actually help improve the operation of the company and not jeopardize your HIPAA Compliance.

“The 4 Keys to Successful HIPAA Computer Management”

Managed HIPAA Compliance Services are very simple. A single fixed price to managed your computer systems according to the specific rules that HIPAA requires. This includes proactive administration, tech support and technology guidance to help you get compliant and stay compliant as your facility changes over time. We use 4 areas to properly managed your computer systems.

Discipline and knowledge in all 4 key areas is how you will see dramatic results in your company operations…

…contact us to find out how we manage your computers to benefit you!

First we have experienced HIPAA Certified vCIOs (virtual Chief Information Officers) that sit down on regular basis to review and plan your practice technology and budgets.  Seasoned HIPAA Certified Network Administrators that manage the day to day operation and improvement of your systems. HIPAA Certified Onsite and on call tech support staff that can quickly handle everything from pesky errors to how to questions and lastly a HIPAA Compliant Centralized Services team that keeps all your systems HIPAA Compliant and up to date with security patches and software updates.

The combination of all 4 items along with proven best practices and regular discipline surrounding these practices will ensure you get the most from your technology at the greatest value.

“Are you ready for HIPAA Compliance and Security Services”

Let’s schedule a 30 minute meeting so you can talk about your HIPAA Compliance today. You will see first hand how we can help your practice create and maintain HIPAA compliant and secure computer systems to build your practice on.

In 30 minutes you will know if you can solve your HIPAA problems with our managed services, no obligations. At the least you will better understand what you are up against.

…it is simple, contact us to set up a quick meeting to talk!



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